Becoming a hairstylist over 15 years ago has given me the opportunity to interact with such amazing people by getting to create something that's special just for you. It has also allowed me to express my artistic side by sculpting and painting hair.

Your hair allows you to feel a certain way and I get to create that for you! If you are feeling sassy, lets jazz up that haircut! If you are feeling sexy, lets make that color pop! If you’re feeling natural and free, let’s give you a style that’s easy for you to maintain but still looks amazing everyday! Your hair is an expression of yourself and I’m here to make a collaboration together to have you look as good as you feel. Now lets get this hair party started!

If you enjoy interacting with someone that is real, down to earth and doesn't sugar coat anything...Then I'm your girl! I believe that each hair style should be right for you, the level of maintenance that you want and looks great with your skin tone. My main concentration in my career is continuing education. I just love learning! I take 2-3 big classes and 5-8 smaller classes throughout the year, on top of my monthly education. By doing that, I am able to pull from my arsenal the perfect technique to create what’s best for your hair situation. Hair is an expression of ones self. I’m the person to help create that for you!


The things I love most in life are my health and well being, nature and animals! I share my life with my wonderful boyfriend, our 3 dogs and a cat. Growing up I rode horses and we had an array of many many animals at home too. That’s a HUGE reason why ALL my products I use in the salon are cruelty free and as natural as possible! I make time to go hiking, get out in nature or the Oregon coast on a regular basis throughout the year. This way I can recharge my batteries and reconnect with the thing that makes me the most happy, nature. I consider myself to be a very strong and outspoken individual (which can get me in trouble sometimes) but in turn it makes me very loyal to people that know and understand me the most. 

Come spend 45min or a few hours with me, leave the stress of life at the door and lets have some fun, good conversation and give you some great hair!

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I love coming to see Adriana; I know I can trust her to do exactly what I want, IF I know what I want, and to do something she knows will look great on me when I don’t know what I want. She encouraged me to take a risk and get bangs I’d never tried before, knowing they would work with my face shape, and it’s by far the best cut I’ve ever had! I love coming here. It’s such a relief to finally find a good hair stylist after living here for four years and searching high and low.
Best haircut I’ve ever had! I showed her a picture and she delivered. She also does a beautiful balayage. I highly recommend her for any service. She also has an awesome personality and makes great conversation which makes the whole experience really awesome. You feel good when you walk out the door.
This was my first visit. Adriana was professional, warm and friendly AND exceptionally capable as a stylist. I was thrilled with the results. She was what I had hoped for, but so much more!
Adriana is so sweet, explains what I needed/asked for in detail, and overall is an expert in her craft. So delighted I happened upon her talent and this fabulous salon! Thank you Adriana!
I love coming to see Adriana and getting an excellent haircut and wonderful scalp massage as a bonus! Plus she’ll listen to anything I say and laugh politely when I think I’m being funny. Yes, Adriana is a very important part of my life.
I always have the best experience with Adriana. And most importantly she is amazingly talented!
Hair was gorgeous, Adriana was super easy going and flexible with great advice on styles that would look good. Many thanks!
Adriana was a per usual. And I walked out looking fly. A super way to spend a few hours.
Thank you for giving me the cut I asked for. I appreciate your customer service. I left with a fantastic new do and a huge smile on my face.
Getting a haircut from Adriana is pure heaven! She is so attentive, and so warm and friendly. Her scalp massages are delicious!!! And the ultimate results are always stellar!!!
Adriana was efficient, helpful and really listened to what I wanted to do with my hair. She gave me a great cut that I love and is exactly what we talked about. Also, she went the extra mile in following up with me about a product that I had questions about. She didn’t have to do that and it really shows she has integrity and truly cares. Thank you, Adriana!